As I type this in the early hours of the morning, the sounds of the jungle and the ocean surround me on all sides. The unison of the birds? insects? monkeys? is strung out like an orchestra that continued to play long after the audience went home. Or was there even an audience in the first place?

The jungle is vast and deep- and on the journey south along the coast, the extreme dimension I experienced humbled me. Now more than ever I find myself in the heart of God’s creation, and I cannot help but marvel at his Power. (Revelation 4:11)

Another thing- the rain. We saw it coming last night from the lighting pips that illuminated the sky on all sides, but when the rain reached out rooftop… well, suffice to say that its become so steady that when it let up a little, I woke up. Ha.

In the wet months, I understand that it can rain as much as 5-7 inches in one night. Apparently we are about a month into the rainy season, and with it come more insects, more humidity, and greener fauna. The earth is so wet, the rice paddies are not flooded and yet the rice grows. From the endless buggies of palm seeds, papaya, mango, coconuts, and more, you can see how the red foundation of the jungle produces indiscriminately and abundantly.

From the photos online, I did not understand the raw beauty of this Country until now. It has swept me off my feet like a prince, and laid me along jungle ferns and guava fruits to await the sunrise of Day 2.

Marty G.

Quote of the Day

“It looks like Jurassic Park!”- Marissa

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