Saturday June 10th: Surfs Up!

IMG_0782Today was the day that Michaela and I were going to try surfing again. After lunch we hopped into the back of Felipe’s truck and headed to the beach. As we were driving we noticed how much smaller the boards were compared to the ones we has used earlier in the week. We looked at each other and we instantly knew that we were going to struggle. Which in fact we did. Just getting out into the water with the board strapped to our ankle was difficult. Instantly I knew I sure as hell was not built to be a surfer. Attempt after attempt after attempt I went down. Felipe was doing his best to teach us, but I think he had more fun just laughing at us fall. The first wave I actually caught, I couldn’t find the right balance in order to jump up onto the board so instead I just rode it like a big boogie board. Michaela and I tried for about an hour but neither of us could get the hang of it. Tired and full of water. Literally. We called it quits and headed to Marino Ballena to grab food and a cold imperial to help with our pride.


Sunday June 11th: White Water Rafting

Waking up bright and early at 6:30, full of excitement and nerves, we got ready for a full morning of White Water rafting. As we drove to the river where we were going to meet our tour guide we talked about much funny it would be if our professor came with us. When we got to the river, we hopped into the tour van and made our way to where we were going to put the rafts in. Our tour guide gave us some instructions and a demonstration of how to help a friend in need if they so happen to fall into the water. Of course his “helper” was our boss and it just foreshadowed what was about to occur later in the day.

We were geared up and ready to get out on the water. With my lifejacket tight, and helmet that made us look like we had a melon on our head we boarded our raft as we were off. I was in the front because I was the lucky one who got to GoPro everything. 1,2,3… 1,2,3 we all chanted as we rowed simultaneously (we felt like pros even though we know we didn’t look like one)

30 minutes into our 2-hour rafting tour we stopped on the side of the river and walked to a beautiful hidden waterfall. We were amazed, after seeing a few waterfalls seen being here everyone seemed to take my breath away.
DSC_0386After our little break we began down the river once more, not 10 minutes into it we hit some rapids that were a bit scary and the next thing I knew we had hit a rock and there went our boss right out of the raft. Niko, our tour guide helped her back in and the first thing he said was “well I’m glad you were my helper” my girls and I instantly died laughing.. The best thing was, I had gotten it all on camera!!

The tour came to an end and we headed home warn out and ready for a long nap.

Later that night, Michaela and I joined the Florida group to dinner. It was there last night before heading home so we decided to join them to a good meal at our favorite place.


Monday June 12th Rain Rain Rain

As we woke up, we were surprised with Mother Nature’s gift…. Rain. I swear it rains every day here. Our boss emailed us and told us that she was really busy getting the last details ready for the magazine launch and it would be best to just work from home today. So that exactly what we did. I spent the morning and afternoon in the commons working on the website for CPL.

For dinner, Maria decided to make us spaghetti, which was amazing, and a great break from rice and beans. After dinner I headed to bed, and although I had a headache I thought by morning time it would be gone.


Tuesday June 13th: trouble in paradise part 2?

Our boss had made reservations for us to go yoga at 8 in the morning. When we woke up at 6:30 I knew that the feeling in my stomach and my headache was not going to let me go to yoga better yet get out of my bed. I felt like death and with every move I felt sick.

Nauseous. Lightheaded. And straight up feeling weird I was worried that I might have caught something and knew that if I went to work I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day. So I spent the day in bed sleeping and trying my best to feel better.

It just wasn’t my day 😦


Wednesday June 14th

I had slept all day Tuesday and still didn’t feel good. Although I was feel better my boss recommended me to stay home just one more day to fully recover, which was probably the best decision I have made here. Although I was missing work, my boss first concern was my health.

Towards dinner I finally got my appetite back and I knew I was headed down the right path. After all, I needed to feel better before our big day going to Nauyaca waterfall.


Thursday June 15th Nauyaca trip

IMG_0813.jpgWe all have been waiting to make a trip up to Nauyaca waterfall, so our boss told us that if we went we should to the horseback trip. We all decided we liked that idea way better than the 2-hour hike we had planned. That morning we woke up too early too remember, ate breakfast, then headed to the check in. After paying we hopped onto the back of a truck and headed down a steep hill to the horse stables. That’s where we met our tour guides Andres and Daniel, who picked our horses out for us. I was given a beautiful white horse named Lucero. After the rest of the group got their horse we headed towards Nauyaca. Trotting along, half way we spotted at a restaurant where they fed us breakfast, which consisted of pineapple, mango, and a tico style hash browns. After drinking our coffee and finishing up breakfast we got back onto our horses and headed the rest of the way.

IMG_0833.jpgOnce we reached the end of the trail, we walked to the first waterfall. Although it was too strong for us to swim there it was absolutely beautiful. We took some group pictures and then made our way to the second fall. The second waterfall wasn’t as big but we were able to swim in it. Some of the tour guides ended up climbing up the waterfall and letting people jump off of it.

At first I thought there was no way I would climb up the thing. But after watching people climb up and jump Michaela looked at me and said, “okay were doing it.” At first I was like what? But if she was going to do it so was I. We headed to where you jumped into the water in order to get to the cliff and instantly my legs began to shake. I didn’t know if I was excited or scared, all I knew was that I couldn’t back out.

The way to get close to the waterfall, we had to jump off a small cliff into the water. Once I surfaced the guide threw a tube at me that was attached to a rope. It was hard to see since the water of the other waterfall was strong, making it hard to neither catch my breath nor open my eyes all the way. Once I finally got a hold of the tube the guide began to pull me closer to the waterfall. Once I was at the base of it, another guide grabbed my hand and handed me a rope that was attached to the top of the fall. He then told me where to go in order to get to the top. As I climbed the water began to calm down so it wasn’t pounded down on my head anymore.

IMG_0855.jpgI had finally reached the top and waited for Michaela to climb up. Looking down at Abby and Marty who stayed behind, I realized how high I actually was. They looked so tiny from the top! Once I got to the edge of the waterfall, the guide told me where to jump and where to swim to get back safely.

One… two… three… I jumped off and felt my stomach leave my body before I hit the water. When I came up to the surface I couldn’t help but laugh. I was nervous for nothing, in fact that was probably the most exhilarating cliff jump I have ever done.

Once I got back to the shore, we dried off then headed back to the horse stables. Heading home, we told our boss about the exciting day we had. Once we got home I felt the heaviness in my eyes, I was so tired and all I wanted to do was sleep.IMG_0824.jpg


Friday June16th: Beach night

The first day back at work after being sick so I had a busy day. After work, we headed home and decided we wanted to go explore the night life a bit. Our friend Felipe decided to join, and took us to dominical. We had a relaxed night hanging out and talking. After leaving Fuego, we made a spontaneous trip to the beach.

It was low tide and there were no clouds in the sky, so the stars were reflecting on the ocean, which absolutely beautiful. As we walked along the shore we began to find sand dollars, and that when the hunt for the biggest sand dollar began. It was such a peaceful and relaxing night that when we finally looked at our phone it was almost 1 am and we had to wake up in less than 4 hours.


Saturday June 17th: Adventures in Corcovado

Beeman picked us up bright and early at 6:30, after the long night we had, that came quicker than we had hoped. Rolling out of bed, getting my backpack ready, and putting on my clothes we headed out the door and drove to Corcovado National Park.

Once we got there, we met our tour guides and hopped onto the boat. At that time they told us that we would have a 45 minute boat ride through the river, then once we get out of the river and into the ocean it would be another 45 minutes until we arrived on Corcovado Island.

The 45 minutes through the river was smooth, except for a few times the captain had to avoid debris in the water. But once we got closer to the ocean, we started to feel the waves as you coasted through. Our tour guide told us that the captain had to do training for 2 years before being able to take tours out to Corcovado, due to the fact of waves that happens when the river and ocean meet.

IMG_0890.jpgAfter a bumpy 45-minutes in the ocean we finally arrived at Corcovado. We headed towards the ranger station then headed into the jungle to explore the park. Following our tour guide we ventured deep into the jungle in hopes to find some wildlife that inhabits Corcovado. Within the first 20 minutes we spotted a group of howler monkeys. Raby our tour guide pulled out his scope for us to get a closer look. I have heard to howlers every morning close to our apartment and hated them because how loud they were, but something about seeing them up close and personal made me fall in love. They were so cute; one howler was even carrying her baby on her back.

After spending about 10 minute fascinating about the howlers we began to hike again, spotting here and there to talk about the different plants and trees that grow in Corcovado.

IMG_0917We spotted a few different species including bats, turkeys, birds, and a few different types of snakes. In fact, we even got to chase after a tiger rat snake that had to be about 10 feet long. Beeman said we were pretty lucky because of all the times he has gone the tour guide has never taken them off the trail to chase after an animal like we got to.

Of course, the one thing we wanted to see in Corcovado was a sloth and sadly we didn’t see one there.

Hungry and ready to sit down and eat, we made out way back to the ranger station. After lunch, we took a small hike to a waterfall. Once arriving to the waterfall, we were hot and tired. Although none of us brought a swimsuit we decided to take a dip. Fully clothed and all we enjoyed the cold water that rushed from the waterfall.

IMG_0935.jpgHeading back to civilization and our car, the tour guides were on the hunt to find us sloths. As we made our way back into the river, we took a detour into a canal that, and that’s when we spotted our first sloth!!! Michaela and I were like little girls so excited; that we even named him Sid, of course Sid the Sloth! After finding our first one we ended up seeing three more, and I was happy.

Beeman treated us to dinner after a long day at our favorite Marino Ballena, which I think we were all thankful for. Beeman and Cynthia have been so generous to us, and I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for us this trip.IMG_0890.jpg


Sunday June 18th R&R

I didn’t even remember falling asleep, but I got to sleep in which I think I truly needed after the week we had. Rolling out of bed at 11:30 I headed to the kitchen to start helping Abby and Marty out with lunch. The girls had decided that we were going to make flautas for everyone for Father Day. We wanted to make a meal for them to give back a little for everything they have done for us this last month. After prepping the gauc, pico de galo, and chicken we began rolling the flautas…. And they weren’t holding too well. So we had to figure out a better way in order for them to turn out. After a few trail and errors we finally got them to work. Julio was so happy and enjoyed them very much, which made all the hard work well worth it. After lunch, Abby, Michaela, and I called a taxi and made our way to Dominical. We bought some gifts for our families and friends then walked down to the beach hoping we could see a beautiful sunset… too bad it was cloudy. After hanging out at the beach we decided to make our way home and get ready for the upcoming week.

ps. Happy Fathers Day to my dad. I wish I were home to spend it with you. Thank you for all you do for me. I can’t wait to see you. I love you

Next weekend, we plan to visit Alturas animal sanctuary, and go zip lining. So stay tuned for that!

4 weeks in. 4 more to go! Crazy and fast these past 4 weeks have gone but yet still feel like we will be here forever.

Until next time

Pura Vida!