Well, I have given up keeping the day count of how long we have been here. Since May 21 if ya’ll wanna do the math. We are past the tipping point in the trip, and my blog game has suffered as the activities and exhaustion level grow. But ironically, I was inspired to reflect on this topic during the shower today. Yes, I thought about writing about cold showers while taking a cold shower.

See, when we were told that all we would have was cold water during our stay, my mind flew to the Buzzfeed videos about how good cold showers are for skin, hair, internal temperature, balance with the earth, yadadadada.


Well, I tried not thinking about it too much before coming here, but getting into the cold shower for the first time made the reality sink in. 2 months with no heated water. Water colder than the Antarctic Ocean. Water so cold not even the ants or roaches of the jungle came close to it.

But as time went on, combined with the heat of the sunny days and the sweat from numerous activities, I went on to get so used to the cold showers that some days I would take the plunge twice.

About 5 weeks into the trip, I see several differences in my body that may be partially due to acclimation to the environment, and partially due to the lack of harsh products I use stateside.

  1. Less hair breakage: I did get the ends trimmed before the trip, but I notice that despite pool water and the ocean, I have less split ends. Also I never usually wear my hair in a ponytail, but here I have it tied up constantly. My hair doesn’t seem to mind the ties and it still feels strong and smooth, even easier to detangle.


  2. Smooth skin: I feel like I have some of the bumpiest skin around when I look at other people’s arms. Now that may skin seems to have calmed down some especially on my forceps and my calves, I credit the cold shower for not upsetting my pores like my usually boiling hot shower.


  3. Shorter time on the drain: Not surprisingly, I spend way less time in the shower. Which leads to more productive time looking at my friend’s blogs.


  4. Quicker to dry: Well, nothing is really dry in the jungle, but I notice that my skin feels less damp soon after the shower.


  5. Quicker healing: I have scratched some of my bug bites to the point of opening them (sorry mom) and I have suffered some nasty scrapes on both my knees during the adventures here. But I have noticed with the cold water showers that the scabs come off quicker and the skin below is much tougher sooner.


  6. Better mood: after the shower, I have a quick burst of energy and I feel ready to conquer another Costa Rican waterfall! despite being frozen like a penguin afterwards.


So take what you want from this, but out of all the untangible souvenirs I am taking away from Tico land, cold showers will be among them.


Pura vida and until next time,

Maricella Garcia

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