These last two weeks have been jam packed with work and our occasional beach trips to get our mind off of work. BUT the magazine is finally finished and sent it to print yesterday! Within a week, all the work the girls and I have been doing will finally be live and in print. I can’t wait to see all our hard work put together.

Last week was nothing special. We worked a lot because, well one, that’s the main reason we are here, and two, the magazine was running late so there were still many things that needed to be done. I have never worked in publication before, nor do I think I want to work in it after this internship. But since being here I have learned how to QA a magazine and how every possible detail needs to be perfect in order for the print to come out how we want it. I have also gotten to write two articles that will be published in a magazine, like how cool is it that my name will be in a magazine!!!!?

Week 5:

Now that I have some free time to reflect on the past few weeks I can see how fast time is flying by. It seems like yesterday I was telling my parents I still had a month left and now I only have 14 days… Crazy.

Last week June 18th– June 24th flew by, working every day from 9-4, and the occasional times where we would stay later to help Nikki get everything put together for the magazine and website. Now thinking about it, the magazine was on Costa Rican time… doing things at its own pace and having things occur that would only happen to us. Thankfully, I felt like that week flew up.

We even got to try the infamous wings at Jolly Rogers- not once but twice!! They were the perfect combination of Costa Rica and home. So happy to be having something that tasted like home. Because if you know me, you know I love me some wings!19420664_10213016359067442_8199687851858713971_n.jpg

Not going to lie, week 5 seems like one big blur. It basically consisted of work, beach, eating, and sleeping (or trying to sleep at least).

Saturday June 23rd: Alturas Animal Sanctuary

We were supposed to go paragliding today, but the rain wasn’t allowing us to do so. So Beeman came up with the idea of going to visit Alturas Animal Sanctuary. We were planning on going sometime we before we left so we headed down to Alturas and got to see all the animals that they have received.

There are three main reasons why the animals are sent to Alturas; domestication, electrocution, and car accidents.

As we walked into the sanctuary we got to see parrots, toucans, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, raccoons, and my favorite sloths!!! It was the first time we were able to see a sloth up close and personal and I couldn’t have been more excited.

We had seen a few sloths before this, but they were always from a far so when we got to be 10 feet away from them I was probably way happier than I should have been! But they were just soooo cute cuddled together and moving slower than molasses. But really, the life of a sloth is great all they do is sleep, eat, and something they fall asleep eating because they are always tired. (Seems to me that a sloth is definitely mine and my best friend Shannon’s spirit animal.)19437375_10213016363347549_8236563495548221821_n

Week 6:

Similar to week 5, we slaved over the magazine. Making sure that every single thing we read, or saw was perfect. But as the final product came to life- I saw what Nikki saw. Something amazing to call her own. We all worked so hard and the final product shows exactly that!

Of course, since we were working hard throughout the work hours, Nikki told us to wrap up what we were doing and go get changed because we needed some R&R at the beach. Without any hesitation we did what we were told and made our way to the beach. Hanging out between two palm trees in my eno, might be my favorite thing to do. Sitting back, reading a book, and watching the cute surfers hang ten. Nothing beats that. Nothing.19095632_10212890910731312_2236613267231272630_o.jpg

Thursday June 29th: Equine Team Building

The first week we arrived to Costa Rica we were supposed to do this team building activity with our boss, Beeman, and Cynthia. But like I said before, we are on Costa Rica time and we had to keep pushing it back. Six weeks later, we finally were heading to Rancho La Merced to have our team building activity.

When we got there Beeman and Cynthia were getting the horse ready for the day we had ahead of us.

We had four different activities that we needed to complete as a team, and every activity had its own twists and turns to them which made everything just that much harder to do. I could only imagine how silly we looked standing in the middle of a horse pin, trying to make four horses jump over the jump… Or how two of us had to paint something on the horse and the others had to explain to the others what we were drawing without being able to show them. Although, I think some of us got frustrated throughout the process, we in the end always came together to work as a team!

Saturday July 1st: 18 days left.

Waking up excited about for the day, because that was the day we were going to ride ATVs up to a waterfall and explore the jungle of Uvita. I was more excited about that fact that we were able to drive are own atvs. It was like I was given my freedom back, I could turn right, turn left, speed up, or slow down if I wanted! And man did it feel good.

As we were riding through the muddy and rocky terrain it brought the best of memories of when my family and I would go four wheeling in marble falls. The bittersweet memories were with me the entire time. After about a 45 minute drive we arrived to the first waterfall. We took the hike up and as we reached the bottom it seems like the falls were in the clouds, and honestly I think it was. The waterfall was so tall that when I was at the bottom of it I couldn’t see where it began.

19665292_10213106780967933_8892765686713984708_nThis was the fifth waterfall that we have gone to, and I haven’t gotten enough of them. Of course, the song “don’t go chasing waterfalls” always seems to hop into my head when I’m walking up to them, but honestly chase waterfalls. It’s always worth it.

As we headed back to civilization, we headed another hour to a small grocery store, the family who owns the store is a very small tico family that isn’t so well off- we stopped grabbed some snacks and before we left the owner came out with some moonshine to try. Of course I couldn’t say no J

19731986_10213106779687901_5148311651813964495_nAfter taking a few shots to headed to catarata uvita to cool off and then headed back. On the way, we stopped because Diego the tour guide had spotted something in the trees. I instantly knew, it was a sloth!! I was able to take a selfie with the sloth & could leave Costa Rica the next day, fully content!

When we got back to Jungle ATV we found out that the electricity it the entire country failed. One of the power towers had fallen leaving all of Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua without power for a few hours.

Around 7 we finally got the power back and I was able to call my family and tell them all about my day!!

6 weeks down. 2 weeks to go.

As much as I love Costa Rica, I am so excited to sleep in my own bed, Whataburger, Chipotle, and take a three hour hot bubble bath. I miss my family and my dog!!! 14 more days until I’m on a plane headed back to the good ole USA!

Until next time!! Xoxo

Marissa Fallis